Set Your Mind to Believe and Achieve

Set Your Mind to Believe and Achieve

Set Your Mind to Believe and Achieve

Give me a “Y”, give me an “O”, give me a “U”! What does that spell? Y-O-U, for yes, you can do it! What are you going to do? Whatever you set your mind to do, that’s what you can do!

Shouldn’t we all be our own best cheerleaders? We’re nice to our friends and support them, and believe in them. With ourselves, we tend to be our own worst enemy, beating ourselves up with negative self talk and telling ourselves we can’t do things.

A quote from William James says it best – “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

Having a positive mindset, and thinking in terms of I can creates action, and action creates change. Maybe you want to start an exercise program, eat healthier, or run in your first 5k. How many times have you told yourself you need to make some positive changes? Thinking about doing it is not enough.

Not only do we need to take action, but we need to envision and believe in what we want to achieve.

You have to believe it before you can achieve it. If you do not believe you can do it something, and lack a positive mindset, you are likely to fail. A huge part of the achieving results equation is believing in yourself. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Negative thoughts lead to inaction. If you think negative thoughts, chances are you’ll speak of yourself in a negative way. You may be overweight and out of shape, but don’t get down on yourself. You can lose weight and you can get in shape. Every in shape person was once out of shape. What did they do? They didn’t just think about it, they took action.

Don’t keep thinking about the changes you want to make, start doing them. Get started today, and don’t let another day go to waist!