Kickin’ the Corona (Part 3): 19 Tips to Make the Most of Your Stay at Home Order

Part 3 of 3

How are those tips going?  Have you come up with any of your own?  If so I would love to hear them and can use them for another post.

Here are the remaining 5 tips.  I hope they help!

   TIPS #15 – #19 ….  more to come, with your help 🙂

#15 Hobby “Bobbi” – Whether it’s getting back into a hobby you’ve done in the past, or taking up a new one, pick one and do it.  Hobbies are an ENJOYABLE way to pass the time and be PRODUCTIVE as well. There are such an array of hobbies to choose from, like adult coloring books, scrap booking, and photography.  What a great time to start taking pictures of nature and our local wildlife while taking a hike (hint – previous tip). If you don’t already have one.  Now is the time -so get a hobby Bobbi!

#16 App It Up – If you’re lucky enough to have a smart phone, you have a thousands of apps of all types to choose from.  From “Door Dash” to DELIVER FOOD from local restaurants to games, recipes, and podcasts.  You could spend a day searcing all the different types of apps available.  If you don’t own a smart phone, no worrries, as alot of apps also offer an online version.

#17 Clean Machine – Take advantage of your time at home and clean, clean, clean.  Clean and organize the garage, scrub the bathtubs, clean the carpets, clean out the refrigerator and wash all the floors (including underneath your stove and refrigerator).  Did you know that in Feng Shui (Tip #12) that the kitchen is considered the heart of a home.  It’s said that a family’s HEALTH and fORTUNE depend on the energy status of the kitchen.  A dirty or cluttered kitchen is considered “bad” feng shui.  This in turn creates negative energy, interferes with the ability to cook healthy food and the earn a good income.

#18 Travel the World – The world is at your fingertips via Google Earth.  Google Earth is a free computer program that uses satelite imagery and aerial photography to allow you to “FLY” all over the world.  You can get an outer space view of our planet and zoom in to see  CITIES and LANDSCAPES all across the world.  How cool is that?  Who says you can’t fly now?  Your departure is just minutes away with Google Earth.

#19 Be Grateful – It is vital now, more than ever, to practice gratitude.  When we express gratitude, our brain releases the feel good hormones dopamine and serotonin.  They help to immediately enhance our mood, making us feel happier and less stressed.  How often do you take a minute to be thankful for what you have at this very moment?  Gratitude in any form can lighten our minds and help us to feel happier.  Thank others, thank God, thank friends, or even thank yourself.  Be grateful for all of the postives you have in your life.  Just the fact that you can read this is something to be grateful for, as I am grateful to have the opportunity to write it and be of service to others.