4 Keys to “Killing It” and Conquering Your Fitness Goals

What kind of fitness goals do you have for yourself?

Perhaps you have a goal of running in your first 5k, or dream of running a marathon one day.  Now ask yourself this, are your goals actual goals, or are they just dreams?

A dream is a desire, a wish to do something – but it’s likely that dream will never be achieved when it just stays something you think about.

Thinking about it won’t achieve it, but having a specific goal that you want to achieve in a reasonable time frame is.  “The difference between a goal and a dream is a deadline” – Steve Smith.

#1 – Start Small

What are the steps needed to achieve your dreams?  Break them down into small achievable goals and set a timeline for yourself.

If you dream of running a marathon, start with a goal of running a 5k and work your way up.  Every marathon runner had to start somewhere; they just didn’t come out of their mother’s wombs running.


#2 – Be Accountable

Whether it’s a training coach, friend, or support group – being accountable to someone helps you stay on track.  The biggest reason I see people fall off track is the lack of accountability.

Most people aren’t going to be very accountable to themselves versus a training coach encouraging and helping them stay on track.

It’s normal to fall off track a little (and for some a lot), but being accountable to someone will likely help you get right back on versus getting derailed from achieving your dreams.


#3 – Change Behaviors

Look at your current behaviors and think about if they’re in tune with leading you to the results you want.

If you are training for a marathon and have a diet of junk food, it’s not going to give you the necessary fuel your body needs to train.  You don’t have to change all your behaviors at once.

Write a list of behaviors you want and need to change and work on changing them one at a time.


#4 – Overcome Obstacles

Life is always going to present challenges.  When you are confronted with an obstacles, deal with them one at a time.

Don’t let obstacles deter you from achieving your dreams.  The strength and knowledge you gain from overcoming your obstacles will make it that much easier for you to get through future obstacles you encounter.

The more challenging the obstacle is in overcoming, the more rewarding it will be to have overcome it.

What steps can you take today to start yourself on a path to achieving your dream?

The most important thing to do is start, take a step, for any step is one step closer to you achieving your goal (and making your dreams a reality).