It’s No Joke – Why Laughter Really Is Your Best Medicine

It’s No Joke – Why Laughter Really Is Your Best Medicine

It’s No Joke – Why Laughter Really Is Your Best Medicine

Life needs laughter.  Sometimes life gets overwhelming for us, and the stress and sorrow we have to deal with can wear on our bodies and minds.  We also can get so caught up with work that we don’t take time to enjoy life or to just simply relax enough to laugh.

When is the last time you saw a funny movie, read a joke that made you laugh, or just had a fun time with laughing with friends? If you had to really think about it and can’t remember when you had a good laugh last, then a prescription for laughter is just what you need.

Did you know that laughter can help improve memory?

A study of adults in their 60s and 70s measured levels of stress and short-term memory. One group sat quietly, while the other group watched funny videos. In comparing memory recall abilities afterwards, the humor group had an astonishing 43.6 percent compared to 20.3 percent in the non-humor group. In addition, the humor group had significantly lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Laughter is beneficial to physical and emotional health – strengthens the immune system, helps keep blood vessels healthy, and lowers stress and blood pressure.

The increase in oxygen intake, enriches your heart, lungs, and muscles – aiding in muscle relaxation, and in decreasing pain as well. When you laugh, the brain releases “feel good” chemicals that help counteract stress hormones – providing a long lasting mood boost, and a natural treatment for anxiety and depression. Laughter also helps one connect with others and helps us heal, physically and emotionally.

Need help getting laughter in your life? 

Watch funny videos and movies, or share funny jokes and pics with others. Spend time with family, friends. Exercising in a group setting is also great idea – not only fun but provides much needed social interaction.

We all need to laugh, to keep laughter in our lives and provide it to others that so desperately need it. Help improve the quality of your life, in mind, body and spirit and others as well. Laughter, it truly is the best medicine –providing free refills for a long and happy life.